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Meet The Team

Amanda Baird, M.A

Registered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist 

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Throughout my 13 years working in the mental health field, I have learned that the process of therapy is as unique as the people who choose to take this brave journey into themselves.  Challenges and difficulties are a reality of life, and my role is to guide you toward answering the "now what" question with the goal of obtaining peace and well-being.  Because wellness is different for everyone, no struggles are too small for therapy or assessment.    

FNIHB Approved

Bailey Puchyr-Chartier, M.C
Registered Psychologist

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Throughout over 10 years in the mental health field I have had the privilege of bearing witness to the pain, struggle and healing of those who have experienced many forms of trauma. Because of the courage I have seen, I have a passion for "walking with" adults and adolescents as they move through trauma, mood disruptions and chronic pain, to healing.

FNIHB Approved
VAC Provider
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